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For today:


So.  Here’s a small gift for the day.  This is a new blend begun two days ago and modified today.  In it’s first version it spoke to me of the young Apollo.  I’ve yet to head into the shower with this modification, but I expect it to be more apt still.  Here’s the recipe for any who might like to try this blend themselves:

OIL                                Parts/Drops

Blood Orange                           15
Sandalwood (dilute)*            13
Jasmine abs. (dilute)*           11
Dragon’s Blood                          7
Vetiver                                          6
Labdanum abs. 10%                5
Atlas Cedar                                 3

This blend will need frequent agitation, as the Dragon’s Blood will tend to precipitate out of the blend and congeal at the bottom of the vial, and will be the case even when diluted in an oil or alcohol carrier.  Adding a few small stones to the vial as agitators is useful.

* The Sandalwood and Jasmine Absolute used in this blend are from AuraCacia.  Unfortunately they do not disclose the percent dilution of the oils they sell in this form.  I am guessing they are 5% or less.


A Solstice Celebration: Fishing, Skinny-Dipping, Lightening Bugs and Skeeters

A Solstice Celebration: Fishing, Skinny-Dipping, Lightening Bugs and Skeeters.

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Corn-fed Crows and Resurrection from Rubble.

This is wonderful.  Worth reading, as is the rest of  what the Weathered Wiseman shares.