Chakra anointing with rune magic

Chakra anointing with rune magic

This runescript is crafted as an aid to setting intention for the day.  It is what I was inspired to craft for myself, today.  I might well change one or more runes next time I anoint myself this way.  If this idea inspires you, I recommend experimenting with the runes that speak to you.  I welcome your thoughts.

This experiment grows out of what has become my daily practice of anointing each chakra point with an oil suitable for my need of the day, after showering and before dressing.  I anoint the first chakra on the perineum, the second at the top of the public bone.



  • Oil (I am using The Winter God 100%.)
  • Anointing tool (I am using a cotton applicator swab; a feather, small wand, finger, etc. would be fine.)

I applied 3-4 drops of the oil to the cotton tip and inscribed myself with the following runes at the seven chakra points.  They are inscribed so that they read upright (not reversed) to an observer.

First chakra – Sigel

The Sun; the generative force; the root of vitality in all things.

Second chakra – Ing


Power sufficient to itself; fertility; the seed pouch.

Third chakra – Eolh

Strength; optimism; the willing sacrifice.

Fourth chakra – Wynn

The forge of compassion; the heart’s joy; openness and creation.

Fifth chakra – Peorth

Truth telling; mystery and revelation

Sixth chakra – Ken


Insight; understanding; the fire of perception

Seventh chakra – Geofu

The tie to all the worlds, all that lies between and beyond them; contentment, peace, relief.