and The Pure Pleasure of Scent…

What I Offer

It starts in the nose, this acquaintance with my potioning. Heart and mind are engaged next, and more, if you are open to it. My Accidents are the result of my study of the plant essences I work with, of me listening to them, to my own reactions, to the varied input that comes to me when I am crafting my blends.

Using the finest essential oils I can obtain, I craft blends for use in specific health concerns, for physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and for the pure pleasure of scent.

Depending on the need, the essential oil blend is delivered by the appropriate method, by inhalation or topical application, via a number of different modalities.  As of September, 2013 I now have an Etsy shop for my blends.  Some of the oils listed below are already available, and more and being added regularly until I get caught up with current blends and formulations.  Please visit

Goes without saying, for legal purposes: Nothing I do is intended to do anything for anyone ever – most particularly diagnosing, treating, curing or otherwise affecting any disease, condition, malady, or sickness.

Oils crafted for ritual or fragrance use are provided in refined,jojoba oil, unrefined jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil for the longest possible shelf life.  I have recently begun experimenting with adding Meadowfoam Seed Oil to my blends as an antioxidant preservative for even longer shelf life.

Oils crafted as remedies are provided in the best vehicle for the purpose.

Custom blending is available for nearly any need.  Your inquiry is welcome.

My blends are the result of my study and experimentation, the inspiration of my patrons and my clients, and careful consultation with my inner lizard brain.


‘Itis Oil

for inflammatory conditions, including arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, etc.

Shingles Remedy Oil

for alleviating outbreaks and reducing their recurrence.

Headache Remedy Oil

for headaches of all types.

Wound Care Oil

for care of wounded skin—post-surgery, post-accident. 

The above blends are provided dilute in creams, oils, ointments or inhalers for optimum delivery in the purposes at hand.

Anointing Oils:

Brigid of the Hearth

dragon’s blood resinoid, helichrysum, myrrh & citrus; healing & restorative


woody & herbal, quiet power & support

Io Pan!

root-y & resiny & musky & sexy

Hard Choices ~ for the Mother of the Crossroads

a darker fragrance with roots & flowers, rue & sweet wormwood


spikenard & cacao absolute lead this blend, made as a paired oil with

Lady Aphrodite

floral, herbal, woody & fruity, abundant

Journeying ~ for all travel on and between the worlds

labdanum, sweet wormwood & dragon’s blood resinoid

Summoning ~ when you need to call something or someone

clary sage, patchouili, mexican juniper & palmarosa

Samhain ~ for the wheel turning, the thin veil, & the Winter God come again

oakmoss & vetiver, cedar & spice & sandalwood